Our Service

Research and Development
Turn your innovative idea into a product.
With our experience and know-how, we support technical development with a wide range of product type including :
R&D1 : Breast pads, Baby wipes, Liquid cleanser, Skin care products, Oral care products
R&D2 : Plastic molding products, Silicone molding products and Electronic products.
Project Management
Keep your project on track and deliver it with agility.
We anticipate and proactively manage the project to accomplish production and delivery successfully.
World Wide Transportation
Transport to domestic and overseas destination.
We transport our products to more than 30 countries. We can deliver products to both local and overseas countries.

Our Facilities

Liquid Products
  • Mixing tank for liquid products
  • Filling machine for bottle
  • Filling machine for pouch
Wet Wipe
  • Mixing tank for wet wipes liquid
  • Folding & Wrapping machine for wet wipes (Big Pack)
  • Folding & Wrapping machine for wet wipes (Small Pack)
Sterilized Wipe
  • Folding & Wrapping machine for 1 sheet wet wipe
  • Sterilizing machine for 1 sheet wet wipe
Breast Pad
  • Breast pads machines
Plastic & Silicone products
  • Plastic injection machines
    100t : 2 machines
    150t : 3 machines
    220t : 2 machines
  • Liquid silicone injection machines
    50t : 4 machines
    100t : 2 machines
  • Blow molding machine
    250t : 1 machine
  • Silk screen printing machine
  • Pad Printing machine