OEM/ODM service with reliable quality

Since 1996, PIGEON INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) CO., LTD. has been working hard to create various products
that love by babies around the world. We make well-thought-out products from raw materials to packaging
design, with excellent quality for the customers to use it confidently with even newborn babies.

Among various aspects, the most important thing is 'baby quality'. With our know-how, experience, and
quality reliability, we provide OEM / ODM manufacturing service for wipes, cosmetics, household, detergents,
plastic & silicone injection products.

For customer who is considering outsourcing in manufacturing, please feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of service do you offer?
We offer research and development includes packaging outsourcing, testing and FDA registration support, project management, manufacture with reliable quality and timely delivery.
Research and Development
Turn your innovative idea into a product.
With our experience and know-how, we support technical development with a wide range of product type including :
R&D1 : Breast pads, Baby wipes, Liquid cleanser, Skin care products, Oral care products
R&D2 : Plastic molding products, Silicone molding products and Electronic products.
Project Management
Keep your project on track and deliver it with agility.
We anticipate and proactively manage the project to accomplish production and delivery successfully.
World Wide Transportation
Transport to domestic and overseas destination.
We transport our products to more than 30 countries. We can deliver products to both local and overseas countries.
2) Could we use the 'Pigeon' name in our products?
You can use the name 'Pigeon Industries Thailand Co., Ltd.' as a manufacturer, but Pigeon brand name, logo, and the claim of "co-development with Pigeon" etc that are related with "Pigeon brand" cannot be used.
3) Could we request you to produce baby products?
I am sorry, but we are not able to produce baby products for you. We can support you all category except for baby.
4) What kind of products you're able to produce?
We can produce various products such as wipes, skincare, plastic, and silicone products with our facilities below.
Wet wipe
  • Mixing tank for wet wipes liquid
  • Folding & Wrapping machine for wet wipes (Big Pack)
  • Folding & Wrapping machine wet wipes (Small Pack)
Sterilized wipe
  • Folding & Wrapping machine for 1 sheet wet wipe
  • Sterilizing machine for 1 sheet wet wipe
Liquid products
  • Mixing tank for liquid products
  • Filling machine for bottle
  • Filling machine for pouch
  • Tube filling machine
Breast Pad
  • Breast pads machines : 2 machines
Plastic & Silicone products
  • Plastic injection machines
    100t : 2 machines
    150t : 3 machines
    220t : 2 machines
  • Liquid silicone injection machines
    50t : 4 machines
    100t : 2 machines
  • Blow molding machine
    250t : 1 machine
  • Silk screen printing machine
  • Pad Printing machine
5) Do you have the products that you can propose?
We can propose Senior care and Pet care products as below.
Please feel free to contact us.
* This proposal is for your brand. It is not related with Pigeon brand.
Senior care products
Pet care products
6) Could we get the quotation?
We can issue the quotation promptly once the product specification fix.